What is the H4 Framework?

It's your favourite tool for ease in development and maintenance of your website!
Its developed for clients and developer. The user gets the ease of maintenance and the developer the easy of developing. What makes it easy? Well first off all it gives the clients the comfort of using a content management system that is tailored specific to their needs. For the developer it offers a structured way of workflow and the comfort of reusing themes or parts from a theme for new projects. An other big plus is that this framework was builder for hosting more then one website... So for providers and publishers it gives the ease of maintaining the clients their websites with a single system.

What can this framework do?

Build websites faster and make maintenance easy.
  • Everything the bigger frameworks can do! If not, it is easy to expand the functionality (supports plugins).
  • Handles RSS feeds & Google Analytics.
  • Easy export data and handles mailing.
  • Separates a website into parts. Every part contains a setup, template and php script file.
  • Supports jQuery no necessarily java scripting is needed. Just PHP and plugins!
  • Re-use, re-use, re-use the whole framework is based on re-usability and smart scripting.
  • Its build for the future.
  • Super search engine friendly! Google search bot likes our framework.

What makes this framework different?

Changes are made in a zip in a customized client environment.
  • Complete package is less then a half mb (latest version is 380kb).
  • 1 Framework for multiple websites!
  • Developers & publisher friendly work space.
  • UI is adaptable and designed for both PC and mobile / tablet devices.
  • Simple, smart and easy searchable database structure... no unwanted tables or what so ever.
  • HTML is getting cleaned before browser rendering.

Is it free?

No cure no pay... so non-commercial okay but if it's commercial you pay.

Well it is free for personal use only (read the H4 Framework license)... Why? Well since development took over 4 years without any funding it seems to be just fair to let a company that earns money by using this framework to sponsor and fund the H4 Framework so it can keep being developed in a professional matter.

Free download will soon be available once this website is completed including a 101 tutorial about theme engineering...

For a professional license contact Atec Media.